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You must live in certain countries in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, or Latin America. You do *not* need any experience with Docker. You do *not* need any experience with Ansible. You must live in… Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brasil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Kosovo, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Uruguay, or Venezuela. ✻ YOUR BID ✻ At this point your bid amount is essentially irrelevant because I have not sent you a link to the lengthy and detailed specifications I have created for this project. ✻ DEADLINE ✻ You will have ten days (10 days) to complete this project. ✻ THE SERVERS YOU WILL USE ✻ I will give you root access to the two virtual private server (VPS) which I will create for you at… – [login to view URL] (This VPS will have 2 GB of RAM). – [login to view URL] (I will pay for this server; you will pay nothing for this server.) – [login to view URL] and – [login to view URL] (This VPS will have 1 GB of RAM). – [login to view URL] (I will pay for this server; you will pay nothing for this server.) – [login to view URL] ✻ THE APPLICATIONS THAT YOU WILL INSTALL ✻ You will use Docker and Ansible to install… – osTicket (a ticketing application) [login to view URL] and, – Flarum (a forum application) [login to view URL], and – Gitea (a self-hosted Git service) [login to view URL], and – the LEMP stack. ✻ FREQUENT SCREENCASTS ✻ You will have ten days to complete this project. However, on day one, day three, day five, and day seven you must send me a screencast that is at least one minute long which shows me some of the progress that you have made. Perhaps you are asking yourself, “Huh? What? Why? That is a strange requirement.” Please let me explain. In my experience, many freelancers accept projects but then abandon them. In such a case I want to be able to quickly cancel a project and award it to another freelancer. ✻ THE DIFFICULT PART OF THE PROJECT ✻ You will also supply me with a script that will create a simple yet effective means of failover. I have carefully explained how I want that implemented in the lengthy and detailed specifications I have created for this project. ✻ HOW TO APPLY (METHOD #1) ✻ If you are interested in working on this project with me then please copy and paste… *** Please send me a link to your lengthy and detailed specifications for this Docker and Ansible project. Due to a glitch with Freelancer, I might not receive an email notification from Freelancer indicating that you have responded to me. Therefore, I might need to login to Freelancer to find out that you have responded to me.*** …into a message you send me. (Please do not send me the three asterisks before and after the text). ✻ HOW TO APPLY (METHOD #2) ✻ If you would like to avoid “spending” one of your bids (“bid for free”) then, please paste… Docker_Ansible_Project_18_Aug_2021 into your Freelancer profile I will search for… Docker_Ansible_Project_18_Aug_2021 and invite you to bid on this project. If I were to invite you, you would be able to bid on this project “for free” (without spending one of your bids). Please wait *patiently* for up to 48 hours for me to invite you because I do *not* have a bot; I would need to manually invite you to bid. ✻ EXPERIENCE VERSUS ABILITY✻ I would rather work with an inexperienced person who is very intelligent and solves problems scientifically than an experienced person who is not very intelligent and/or does not solve problems scientifically. Therefore, I am unconcerned about your DevOps (formerly known as Linux System Administration) experience. Keahlian: Administrator Sistem, Linux, Docker, DevOps, Ansible Lihat lebih lanjut: redirect script certain countries, iphone app set phone silent certain times, adult cam site block certain countries, set shipping costs different countries oscommerce, vpn service provider servers multiple countries , add charge certain countries magento, use access 2010 set crm, docker Ansible shell scriting, why use docker on aws, how to use docker in linux, how to use docker, digital ocean how to install and use docker, how to only ship to certain countries shopify, when not to use docker, ansible set environment path windows, ansible set environment variables on host, packer docker ansible, what european countries still control territory in latin america, how to use docker for automation testing, when to use docker-compose Tentang Pemberi kerja: ( 22 ulasan ) Los Angeles, United States ID Proyek: #31203081