Hiring Bad CRT Techs! | Featuring 2 Sony PVM 20L5 Trinitrons

These are two Sony PVM 20L5 Trinitron CRT monitors that were sent to my shop to be repaired and checked out. The first is a tale of hiring a bad technician to try to install a capacitor kit. No, I don’t know the tech’s name. My client said they were a retired Sony employee in upstate New York.

The second is a little bit different situation, but still important.

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0:00 – Check in on Brutus
1:00 – Sony PVM 20L5 Number 1 – Film Capacitor Explosion Repair
4:36 – Sony PVM 20L5 Number 2 – Inspection & Savon Pat’s Deflection Cap Kit
14:46 – Things to consider with the PVM 20L5
16:12 – Input Comparison on a Sony PVM 20L5

All of today’s background music is from: WCW vs. NWO Revenge, N64 Video Game