Taking Care of Your Lawn

It is easy to create a beautiful lawn, but when it comes to the maintenance part, it can get a little tricky. In order to maintain a healthy lawn, you should water it regularly, remove weeds and look out that grass doesn’t grow too high. People usually think maintain a lawn is a piece of cake, but they realize how it really is when their grass gets overrun by weeds. In this article, we’ll show you how to take proper care of your lawn. With good nurturing, as time passes, you won’t need that much maintenance. A number of things can be done without actually requiring much effort.


If you want to have a perfect lawn, there are three main elements you must take into consideration–soil, grass type and weed prevention. Considering and managing these three elements will help you grow a healthy, green lawn that will perfectly accentuate your residence.

Healthy soil

Grass cannot grow in unhealthy soil. Nothing can. This is the most important element of lawn care. Only healthy soil can give your lawn the perfectly rich green color that everybody adores.  Your soil can be healthy only if it contains enough oxygen to be able to grow the grass. People often make mistakes when they use fertilizers. It is better to use organic compost than to overuse artificial fertilizers. All this “nutrient-rich” components can be harmful to the soil if they don’t come from nature. If you overuse fertilizers, the soil will be unable to absorb water and the ground won’t be able to breathe. To help the ground aerate, you must turn the soil over once in a while. Healthy soil is the fundamental step for achieving the results you want.


Mowing and watering

Mowing a lawn is the second most important part of lawn maintenance. Grass always must be cut with a sharp blade because dull blade can make it tear in the strand or ends. Mowing is also essential for the aesthetic component of the lawn. There is no need to mention that your lawn will resemble a jungle if it gets neglected. Watering must be done regularly if you don’t want your grass to dry. When grass gets dry, it will be rather difficult for natural decomposition to do its thing and you’ll have to start everything from the beginning, or to learn to enjoy that unsightly view for quite a long time. If you leave it as it is, a very tough layer of earth can be created that will later on prevent the land to be fertile again. If you have problems with dead areas in your lawn, be sure to plant new grass seeds in those areas and to water it good.

Preventing weeds

Weeds can’t bring you anything good. It will harm your grass or simply ruin your lawn aesthetically. Weeds harm soil so be sure to remove them. The best way to get rid of them is removing them from the roots. This is a bit time consuming because you have to do it manually, but it’s essential for having a healthy lawn.


If you found this rather difficult to handle, forget everything we said and get an artificial lawn. Your neighbors will envy your no hassle gorgeous green yard! Here are more information about this hassle free option!


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