How to start a career of a police dispatcher

      Have you ever thought of becoming a police dispatcher? The function of a police dispatcher represents an important link between the local law enforcement agency and the citizens who are in need of help. This type of help is usually recognized as an emergency for serious cases, but almost everybody has heard at one point in time about the emergency calls that ended up as jokes or false calls. Nonetheless, a career of a police dispatcher can be quite rewarding.

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    If you are looking for a real challenge, and a challenging career at that, you should consider becoming a police dispatcher. It doesn’t really matter whether you plan your dispatching career as a permanent option or use it simply as a spring board for furthering your career in the law enforcement, for example, becoming a law enforcement officer etc. Either way, you will have to show certain knowledge and display certain skills in order to start your dispatching career.


  If you want to be a police dispatcher, you need to be able to handle and operate a wide range of various telephone calls and maintain a calm demeanor and a positive attitude. It is very important to remain perfectly calm no matter the situation, have exceptional communication skills and to be capable of following proper established protocols and guidelines related to the duties of a police dispatcher. In the cases of extreme emergency, you need to be able to ensure that you keep in contact with the caller until the help arrives. Ensuring that your caller remains calm and collected is one of the most difficult and important challenges you will face as a police dispatcher. In order to become a police dispatcher , you will have to complete at least one year of training courses or receive specific certification. It goes without saying that you need to have a GED or have graduated at high school. A large number of employees look for potential candidates who posses at least one year of public safety, clerical or phone operator experience.

  When it comes to the training, you should know that there are numerous courses that are designed to prepare the candidates for this kind of work. Numerous emergency dispatch associations usually offer courses that are shorter in length. If you want a longer training course, you should check community colleges and enroll in programs that last for at least two years, and which can lead you to receiving an associate degree in public safety. Regardless of the route you choose, you will receive all the vital instructions and practical experience related to the dispatch protocols. You will also receive the necessary training which deals with the basics of public safety, and you will be taught as to how to deal with complex situations and how to use proper communication skills. Have in mind that having the police dispatcher certification is obviously an advantage, but it is not mandatory when looking for a job. The basic requirements are: 18 years of age at least, clean driving record, computer literacy, ability to handle pressure, calm demeanor and a clear background.

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