Different types of business visas in Canada

Canada is a very welcoming country giving foreigners options to join the growing and prolific economy of Canada as skilled workers or for business. Using business to get a visa is one of the easiest ways in which one can be able to secure a visa. There are different categories of visas which one can get ranging from the federal, PNP and Quebec. All these different programs have opportunities for self employment, investment and business opportunities. Here are what is entailed in all these categories.

Federal visa programs – these are programs that are run by the federal government of Canada. They include the federal self employed program and the federal start up program. These programs are run by the federal government and it is solely responsible for the immigration of the applicants. The programs are meant to make the Canadian economy stable and promote different cultures and nationalities to invest in Canada. The regulations are set by the government and should be met before the program can become a success. For instance there should be proof that the person is going to engage in the programs set out by the visa and have the capital to be able to do them and enough money to settle down.

The PNP programs – these programs involve nomination of individuals by the provinces in Canada. The requirements for the program therefore are set out by the different provinces and hence they could be different for different provinces. PNP includes programs such as PNP investor program, PNP self employed and PNP entrepreneur programs. The programs are all set in order to provide employment for the people of Canada and maintain a stable economy for the country. PNP stands for the Provincial Nominee Program and hence the provinces nominate the people that they feel would be good to invest in their province and the country as a whole. The federal government is still in charge of the immigration of the nominees.

Quebec programs – these visa programs involve having investments made risk free into the province of Quebec. The investments made are managed directly by the province of Quebec and is meant to develop that economy and entirely the whole Canadian economy. In the Quebec program there are the Quebec Investor, Quebec entrepreneur and Quebec self employed programs. The programs have different capital requirements with the investor option having the biggest capital requirements.

Benefits – the benefits of these Canadian tourist programs is that you get to expand your business or investment opportunities in one of the best countries to invest in. with the programs well laid out by the government your investment is safe. Since you are allowed to be in the country and to learn the business you will not fall on the wrong side of the government and authorities thereby allowing your business to grow fully with the support of the federal government and provinces.

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