How A Cervical Traction Device Can Help Fix A Herniated Disc In Your Neck

There are a lot of different causes of neck pain, everything from accidents to sleeping wrong can result in tightened muscles and pinched nerves. That’s why “collar neck” has become such a popular search term: neck pain sufferers want to know more about neck traction collars. Sometimes the pain will go away on its own with a little care and some over-the-counter medications, however, other times it can stick with you for several months, and even get worse. Once the pain has lasted longer than two months, it can be considered chronic pain rather than acute pain, and it should be examined by a doctor.


It’s Possible That Chronic Neck Pain Could Be Caused By A Herniated Disc

Bulging discs in the neck are quite common, especially as we get a little older and have had plenty of accidents and incidences over the years. A herniated disc is when a disk gets out of alignment anywhere along the spine, and can be felt by hand as a bump.

There are countless different ways that these occur: sometimes they’re old sports injuries, car accidents, or even a slip and fall on the ice; any injury has progressively gotten worse over the years and is now causing some pain.


One Of The Best Places To Start Is To Visit A Chiropractor Or Physical Therapist

Pain.While x-rays are probably a good idea to have, many physical therapists or chiropractors will be able to diagnose a herniated disc just by feeling along your spine by hand. And of course, the optimal way to handle them is to use some kind of therapy and avoid surgery at all cost.

The medical professionals will usually have a cervical traction device that can gradually pull on the spinal column and help separate the vertebrae ever so slightly. Once the vertebrae have a tiny bit of space between them, it’s possible the disc may slide back into place.

However, many times the doctor will need to manipulate the spine at the point of the bulge in order to help the herniated disc back into place. Many times, they will only use their hands, but other times they’ll use special tools to help pinpoint the pressure and help things along.

Once the spinal column is back in alignment, it will need to be ever so gradually released back to normal by the cervical traction device. It’s quite common for this procedure to need to be done several times, or even 10 or more times to eventually get the herniated disc to stay in place as it should.

It’s also possible for the physical therapist or doctor to help you figure out either a better way to sit, stand, or sleep to help keep the disc in place. Many times, people have developed poor posture that’s part of the cause of the kink in their neck.

If you do have any kind of obvious bump in the vertebrae of your neck, it’s always better to seek professional help and have it taken care of before you experience any pain. The longer a disc is out of place, the more likely it is to experience uneven wear and eventually cause pinched nerves and severe pain.

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