How to buy the best condo for your family

We all want what’s best for our families. There comes a time when you need to buy a new home. Of course, you want an awesome condo to live in. publishes an article by Amy Fontinelle in which you find the steps to follow

How to buy a condo with confidence

These 7 smart moves can help you ask all of the right questions and be confident in the choice you make.

Smart move 1. Look for a building or development approved by Fannie Mae.

To get a mortgage with the lowest possible rate and fees, you’ll want a loan that can be sold to Fannie Mae, one of the big government-owned companies that provide most of the money for home loans.Read the next steps here

Before thinking about buying a condo make sure if it is not better to rent one. To buy or to rent/ that is the question which is the focus of the following article, written by Steve McLinden on a website called

Is it wise to buy condo to rent out?

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