All About Baby Thermometers

All About Baby ThermometersA baby forehead scan thermometer( is a very important piece of equipment that parents need to buy. Some parents have realized this and they’ve purchased more than one thermometer. The thermometers can help the parents determine whether their child or children has or have a fever.

It’s very important to look for a quality baby thermometer. There are different types of baby thermometers with different ways of taking the baby’s temperature. Below are some of the types of baby thermometers and their roles.

Oral thermometers

These thermometers are often shaped like pacifiers in order to make them fit and stay in the mouth of your baby. This type of thermometer takes the internal temperature of the baby. It should be held under the tongue for two minutes to help you get the most accurate temperature reading.

Even though many parents have been using this type of thermometer, it’s not the most accurate thermometer on the market. Oral thermometers are ideal for older children who can hold them under their tongues easily.

Ear thermometers

This type of thermometer is very similar to the thermometers used by pediatricians. They’re considered the best thermometers for parents to use for children who are six months or older. The thermometer probe is covered with a small, plastic sleeve that can be removed and thrown away.

The thermometer can easily be slipped into the ear. The ear thermometer takes a digital reading of the baby’s temperature in only three seconds. You can use it even when the baby is sleeping.

Forehead thermometers

These thermometers are accurate for assessing the child’s fever by measuring heat omissions and it takes only a few seconds to get an accurate reading. The thermometers can be used for children of any age.

Underarm thermometers

They can either be analog or digital. The thermometer is placed under the baby’s armpit to measure their temperature. Analog thermometers take about five minutes to provide an accurate reading. Digital thermometers, on the other hand, take only a few seconds to give an accurate reading. They can be used for children of any age.

Rectal thermometers

Most parents find it uncomfortable to take a baby’s temperature using a rectal thermometer. You should always lubricate the probe with petroleum jelly in order to make it easy to insert. Insert only a quarter of the probe to get an accurate reading. It takes about two minutes to get the rectal temperature.

Pediatricians recommend that parents should practice using baby thermometers so that they can become familiar with the process of taking the baby’s temperature and reading the results accurately. Knowing how to read the results can cause parents less anxiety when the baby has a fever.

The most accurate temperature reading can be gained from a rectal thermometer, however, an oral reading is fine for children over 3, unless your doctor has advised you otherwise. Ensure you have one thermometer for underarm and oral readings and one for rectal readings.

If your child has drunk or eaten any hot liquids or foods, then it’s a good idea to wait for about 15 to 20 minutes before taking the temperature of the baby. Look for a digital thermometer with a flexible tip to make the thermometer more comfortable.

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